General Dentistry

in Garland, TX

Is it time for you dental checkup? Has it been a while since you’ve had your teeth cleaned? Call us to set an appointment today. Here are some of the general dentistry services we offer.

Dental Fillings

A dental filling is used to repair a decayed, damaged, or worn tooth. Composite resin (tooth-colored) materials are most commonly used to restore the tooth to proper form and function.

Dental Emergencies

Common dental emergencies include: toothaches, broken or cracked teeth, swollen or painful gums, teeth that have been knocked out. We offer same day appointments to help relief dental pain.

Children and Family Dentistry

We understand the convenience of having your family dental care under one roof. We offer dental care for all ages.

Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic therapy may be necessary when a tooth has been traumatized by injury or when decay has severely damaged a tooth. The process involves removing the pulp or nerve from inside the tooth. Depending on the complexity, root canal therapy may be performed by a general dentist or Endodontic Specialist.

Night Guards

A night guard is a special type of mouth guard that is used to treat teeth grinding and clenching. Most people are unaware of the condition because it happens while they sleep. If our dentist suspects that you suffer from this, we may recommend a night guard to protect your teeth from damage and prevent teeth grinding while you sleep.

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